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Saddest 80s movie moments



Topgun I have a nightly ritual where I hop into bed a half hour early, grab the remote and scan the channels in hopes of a decent 80s or early 90s movie. If I'm lucky, I'll find something like "Red Dawn" or "The Running Man" to fall asleep to.

(Though I will admit it's disturbing to be awoken 40 minutes later by having Schwarzenegger asking Maria Conchita Alonso where she hid the unedited tape of the Bakersfield Massacre -- "None of your business" -- or having Richard Dawson yell at me, "You bastard! Drop dead!")

Anyway, I digress. Last night's bedtime movie: Top Gun. And I turned it on right at the scene where Goose buys it after Maverick flies through Iceman's jet wash. It got me wondering: Is this the saddest movie moment of the 80s? ... List time again, chums.

You tell me: What was the saddest movie moment of the 80s?

Here are some that come to mind:

GOOSE BUYS THE FARM (Top Gun): The first time I saw Tom Cruise screaming and refusing to let go of Anthony Edward's slumped body, I was frozen with disbelief. And then Tom having to compose himself to hand over Goose's personal items to Meg Ryan? Here come the waterworks.

Deadpoets_3 OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN (Dead Poet's Society): Robin Williams is blamed for Neil's suicide and dismissed, but not before one last show of support from his faithful class of students.

ELIAS NEARLY ESCAPES THE VC (Platoon): Everyone thought Willem DaFoe was a goner, but he miraculously emerges from the jungle  and nearly is home free ... only to be shot dead in slow-motion by the Vietcong in front of everyone.

THE TAKING OF FORT WAGNER (Glory): Matthew Broderick rides into the surf before dismounting, looking up at the sky and the diving seagulls, dismissing his horse and joining his troops for the suicidal assault on the Confederate stronghold.

Et_2 E.T. GOES HOME (E.T.): Aw, don't make me describe this scene. (For one, I never saw the whole movie!) Just queue up the theme music and start crying, ya little babies.

and my personal favorite...

Fieldofdreams "HEY DAD ... YOU WANNA HAVE A CATCH?" (Field of Dreams): I gotta admit, I probably wail like a toddler getting his first flu shot a half dozen times in the final 30 minutes of this movie. When "Moonlight Graham" can't return to the game after becoming "Doc Graham." When James Earl Jones gives his big "People will come, Ray" speech. But nothing gets me like the moment when Kevin Costner realizes his dad is out there on the field with him. "Ease his pain, it was you." "No, Ray, it was you."

Some others: Gary drives home alone ("Last American Virgin"); Emma says goodbye ("Terms of Endearment); Micky dies (Rocky 3); Apollo dies (Rocky 4); Conan's girlfriend dies (Conan The Barbarian).

OK, I'm losing it again. Time to help out. Leave a comment with your suggestions for saddest movie moments of the 80s. Special prize -- a box of Kleenex -- to anyone who can outdo "Field of Dreams."

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