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Saturday earworm: 'Everywhere I Go' by The Call



The Call is one of those bands that got away from us. They had all the makings of stardom, but seemed to just skip off the surface of the atmosphere. And they are rightfully the Saturday earworm; lead singer Michael Been died a year ago yesterday (Aug. 19, 2010) from a heart attack.

Everyone remembers their 1983 song The Walls Came Down, which enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV. And I bet a lot of people also enjoyed 1986's I Still Believe, which was covered by a variety of groups and movie soundtracks (most notably, The Lost Boys).

They had plenty of believers in the rock world. Peter Gabriel and Jim Kerr liked the band enough to insist The Call join them on tours in the '80s. U2's Bono contributed backing vocals to their work in 1990. In was in 1986, on a Simple Minds tour, that I first saw them. Amazing set. They took the stage at Tampa's old Curtis Hixon Hall, with little fanfare and no lighting and just blew everyone away. Been pounded at his bass so hard that he snapped a couple strings at one point. By the time their set was over, people forgot which band they were really there to see. And I guarantee The Call sold a few thousand albums in Tampa Bay in the following days.

Maybe The Call's legacy is that they never gave up the fight. The band stayed together 20 years before moving on to independent projects. To these guys, even through all the anger contained in their lyrics, it wasn't a fight at all. To them, it was the journey, not the destination that they savored.

"Success to me is appreciating what you have," Been said in a 1989 interview. "Truly appreciating what you have, rather than the constant temptation and frustration of a goal."

I think of that quote everywhere I go.

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