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This scene was filmed in Florida today



Here in Stuck in the '80s land, we're not usually ones to whine about the weather. But today? Oh today, we're making an exception. The weather websites tell us it's in the 40s here, which is a sure sign around here that the world is about to end.

See, when you move to Florida (or by the grace of a higher power -- John Hughes perhaps -- were born here like myself), you throw away all hats, gloves, boots, parkas, hockey masks, ice skates and whatever other strange paraphernalia those snow bunnies up North keep stuffed in their closet all year.

As a result, the one or two times a year the temperature goes below 45 here, Floridians meet the doom and gloom (actually it's a bright sunny day out there) with ... wind-breakers. Yes, a nylon coat that may or may not have a liner inside.

How do we get by? By watching movies that remind of us better days.


5. HOT PURSUIT (1987): Yes, the long-forgotten John Cusack -- dare I say classic? Probably not. But we do love his girlfriend Wendy Gazelle.

4. CLUB PARADISE (1986): Robin Williams has more body hair than me, meaning either of us would be the favorite to win in TV's Survivor: Wasilla, Alaska.

3. RUNNING SCARED (1986): Just the scenes from Key West featuring Sweet Freedom by Michael McDonald.

2. WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S (1989): Love the scene where the roofing tar melts onto the feet of Andrew McCarthy.

1. THE FLAMINGO KID (1984): More articificial sweat used in this movie since Lawrence of Arabia.

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