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The secret code to Internet radio: Kajagoogoo

Kajagoogoo Ever think your taste in '80s music is somewhat shameful? Not Helen A. Luther. Today's guest blogger describes herself as "a Cincinnati-based Jesus freak, '80s music lover, writer and Special Education assistant."

Being a single mom of two ornery cats, one spoiled Jack Russell and a maltese with a heart condition (a.k.a. - a walking pharmacy) I have to skimp on some things - like CDs and iTunes purchases. I have loads of vinyl but alas, my turntable is as broke as my bank account.

So when this girl is weekend cleaning and has a craving for some good music she turns to Pandora Internet Radio. Here, I can type in the name of an artist to create a station featuring songs by that artist and similar artists. While I enjoy Pandora overall, past station-creation attempts have been somewhat disappointing. It is, after all, something of a crap shoot.

One recent day, though, praise be, I stumbled upon the key to Pandora's Box of '80s lovers nostalgia.

Write it down: KAJAGOOGOO.

In the next two hours as I dusted and vacuumed and straightened and flung, I was transported from 2009 right back to those Wonder Years, in my childhood home listening to Casey Kasem count down the American Top 40 (pick any date in the 1980s). One song after the other, I celebrated upon each opening measure. Not once did I skip a song or wish for it to be over.

Too shy, I ran far away with A Flock of Seagulls. I spent One Night in Bangkok and visited Rio on a Reflex (extended version - thank you, very much - "Fla-Flex"). I couldn't break Matthew Wilder's stride but I melted with Modern English. I sent a long distance dedication of Don't You Forget About Me. I learned to fly again on broken wings and I frolicked with 99 Luft Balloons.

You get the idea. It was one-hit wonder, '80s mega-hit paradise and I relished each and every moment. I encourage any true '80s child to plug in the secret pass code for a trip down memory lane. Once again: KAJAGOOGOO.

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