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Secret photos show Bon Jovi acting like ... well, Bon Jovi



Bon Jovi Naked PhotosJon Bon Jovi, a rock n' roll letch? It happened. In the '80s, of course.

Cast your mind back to the year 1985. Oh, it's glorious, isn't it? None of the problems of today, except for the need for stronger Clearasil. And maybe a fake I.D. so you can score a four-pack of wine-coolers before the big hair-metal concert over at the civic area.

But little did you know or expect that in a nearby hotel, Jon Bon Jovi is up to his neck in ... NAKED WOMEN!

Oh, you did expect that? Strange, me too. Turns out that the boys of Bon Jovi posed for photos in 1985 that were later deemed to be a little too scandalous for the general public, so they were buried. Until a new 2010 book -- Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi -- came out. TMZ has the fairly safe-for-work photos here. You'll excuse me if I don't publish them here. Half-naked girls dressed as Carrie Fisher? Totally fine. Hirsute Jersey rockers with naked bleach-blonde groupies? Also totally fine, but I'd get socked for photo copyright infringement!

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