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See a 'Cheers' cast reunion pic ... 30 years later




Thirty years later, you still want to go where everybody knows your name. And so John Ratzenberger, Bebe Neuwirth, Kirstie Alley, Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, Shelley Long, George Wendt and others gathered over the weekend to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their iconic TV show Cheers.

Actually, you have to click here to see all the reunion photos. Because if I re-posted them here without permission, the folks at would want to know my name too.

In the meantime, here are five things you probably didn't know about the TV show Cheers.

  • The original hometown of the Cheers bar was supposed to be Barstow, Calif., with the Same Malone character to be a retired football player. But once Danson was cast in the role, it was felt he looked more like a baseball player. Chicago was also considered as the setting. Why the switch to Boston? Hell, I don't know everything!
  • Norm's real first name was Hillary, according to Norman was his middle name. (My favorite Norm line? "The only thing I want to see floating in beer is my liver.")
  • Shelley Long, Rhea Perlman and Kirstie Alley were all pregnant at some point during the series' history, but only Perlman's pregnancy was written into the script. While Long was pregnant, camera angles just concealed it. When Alley was pregnant, producers planned to work the baby into the script as a love child between her character and Sam. But sadly she had a miscarriage and the idea was abandoned.
  • Only three actors appears in every single episode. Can you name them? (Danson, Perlman and Wendt).
  • Only one Cheers character didn't appear on the spinoff show Frasier. It was Rebecca. Kirstie Alley said a show about psychiatry conflicted with her Scientology beliefs.

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