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Shake, Shake, Shake Senora: Winona Ryder turns 40




winoforever.jpgWinona Forever, right? Well, it seemed that way in the '80s, when Winona Ryder could do no wrong. Unless you were Johnny Depp. And then it's good to know a tattoo replacement expert.

Winona kicked off her up-up-and then down-DOWN career in our favorite decade with a small but innocent and genuine part in Lucas. By the end of the decade, she was trying to marry ghosts in Beetlejuice and knocking off the competition with liquid drainer in Heathers. They grow up so quick, don't they? 

Today, Winona turns 40 years old. And it's hard to say if she's still in a self-imposed slump (sorry, but I absolutely hated The Dilemma and her bit role as Spock's mama in Star Trek was too short-lived to get a handle on) or at the beginning of another climb up the ladder. (With only two movies in production -- one of them titled Frankenweenie -- you be the judge). But let's celebrate anyway and put the spotlight back on her '80s work. Because that's what we do here.


5. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE (1989): "All I ever wanted was a little pink house with a blue door... a little baby sittin' in a high chair."

4. 1969 (1988): No memorable quotes, but anything is better than Great Balls of Fire.

3. LUCAS (1986): "People do kill themselves when they can't have the one they love!"

2. BEETLEJUICE (1988): "My whole life is a dark room. One big dark room."

1. HEATHERS (1988): "I use my grand IQ to decide what color lip gloss to wear in the morning and how to hit three keggers before curfew..."

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