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"Shall we play a game?" WarGames computer for sale ... for only $25,000



Wargames computer
Matthew Broderick's personal computer from the 1983 movie WarGames is about to be auctioned off. Appraised price: $25,000-plus.

That sound you now hear is the a billion '80s nerds sending the credit card limits past DefCon 1.

The "WarGames IMSAI 8080" -- yes, it was a real personal computer that anyone could have bought back in the good old days -- will come with its associated props, including the speaker that once played the voice of the WOPR's voice ("Shall we play a game?"). The details of the auction are still being figured out.

IMSAI provided the computer to the filmmakers for product placement considerations, one of the earliest examples of the practice (along with Reese's Pieces in E.T., of course.)

Read more about the computer and its strange journey at the Original Prop blog.

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