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She's Little Debbie afterall



The night that a band is inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame is hardly a time to put personal differences before the music and the fans. (I sorta figure the Pop Hall of Fame is the place for that type of immaturity.) But Blondie's Deborah Harry did it anyway.

Last night in New York, Harry refused to allow the original members of the band to perform at the award show. "Can't you see my band is up there?" she fired at Frank Infante (pictured right last night with Harry), Nigel Harrison and Gary Valentine, who received awards last night but whose sin, according to Harry, was suing when they were left out of the band's reunion in 1997. "I thought Blondie was being inducted," they shot back before slinking off the stage.

A greatest hits CD by Blondie was released last week and the band is touring with The Cars this spring.

Punk stars uber alles

True to their word, the Sex Pistols -- also inducted into the hall last night -- were no-shows. Rolling Stone magazine founder Jann Wenner accepted the award for them and read the snarky letter the band posted on its website, comparing the hall to "urine in wine."

Wenner said the band could pick up its awards anytime at the Cleveland hall. "If they want to smash them into bits, they can do that too," he said. Now that's something we'd pay to see. Maybe the ousted members of Blondie can join in the fun.

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