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Shot through the heart: Jon Bon Jovi just turned 50 years old



Bon Jovi/AP photo

John Francis Bongiovi Jr. came out screaming (and shaking his butt, no doubt) on this day back in 1962. His parents, a barber named John and a Playboy bunny-turned-florist named Carol, probably called him "John Francis" for years. But we prefer calling him Jon Bon Jovi.

If, like me, you're under the misconception that you're going to live forever, the turning of an '80s icon to the big FIVE-OHHHH always is a sting. When Billy Idol hit the mark a few years ago, I tried to celebrate by doing a Rebel Yell. But I threw out my back from fist-pumping and had to dance by myself from then on.

As for Jon Bon Jovi, he's in no danger of falling out of the upper echelon of rock pinup gods anytime soon. His tours continue to sellout, long after the record bins stopped emptying so fast. And as long as he can rock a pair of tight denim pants, he won't have to look at his 401(k) anytime soon. (Truth be told, I like him better as an actor than a singer. Go figure.)

So happy birthday, John Francis. This trivia challege is for you.


1. "Oh! You're a loaded gun, yeah."

2. "Table for two on a TV tray. Nothin' ain't fancy, but that's okay."

3. "Right now the rules we made are meant for breaking."

4. "I dream of when she'll be mine. I dream of crossing that line."

5. "She's here to make my night complete."

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