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Sigourney Weaver wants in 'Ghostbusters 3'



Sigourney Weaver in GhostbustersGhostbusters 3 is apparently the movie project that nobody can exorcise. Now, Sigourney Weaver, who was once firmly in the "not interested" camp, wants in. 

"Ghostbusters 3 apparently is happening," Weaver says, according to the Toronto Sun. "I got a call from (director) Ivan Reitman and they're working on the script. If it's not a great script, we're not going to do it."

So she's in ... maybe? At least that sounds more commited than Bill Murray, who has been discouraging of the project from the start, much to the chagrin of the other co-stars.

Maybe filmmakers won't need much cooperation from Murray. According to the proposed script that Weaver had a look at, Murray's Dr. Peter Venkman would die early in the film and return in a paranormal state for the remainder of the film.


5. "Are you the Keymaster?"

4. "That's the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there."

3. "Either I have a monster in my kitchen or I'm completely crazy."

2. "You know, you don't act like a scientist. ... You're more like a game show host."

1. "Take me now, subcreature."

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