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Simply Red? Mr. Mister? Wham!?! Help pick the Horrible Hits of 1986



Thats_4 Now that our glorious Carl Weathers podcast is in the books, we're turning our attention to the next installment of our "horrible hits" franchise. The year we're up to? 1986.

I know what you're thinking: "Oh, we're past the early '80s, this must be easier now." No! No again, I tell you. And that's why we want your input.

Help us name the horrible hits of 1986. Here's how you do it. Click here to see a list of the top 100 songs of the year. Any of these songs qualify. Why? Because they must be a "hit" to be a horrible hit. (No fair just picking the B-side or some Ratt single.) Then leave us a comment below. Feel free to add your justification.

Remember, these are songs that maybe we liked in 1986, but we can't really stand now. Oh hell, maybe you hated them back them too.

Here are five that would make my personal list:

That's What Friends Are For (Dionne Warwick, Elton John, and Gladys Knight): Maybe I liked it the first 200 times I heard it. Sadly it took just a week for FM radio to get to that mark.

Kyrie (Mr. Mister): I'm just not a fan of the band, though I know some people continue to swoon over their hits. Somebody explain why!

Greatest Love of All (Whitney Houston): Poor Whitney. Just can't catch a break. I see a whole new world of opportunity though waiting for her ... as the new K-Tel Records spokeswoman.

I'm Your Man (Wham!): Was this the last hit by George and Andrew? Lord I hope so.

Holding Back the Years (Simply Red): Brings back bad memories of an excellent Mexican restaurant on Duval Street in Key West. Fantastic food, but they were playing the box set (if one exists) of Simply Red. Simply excruciating.

Add your picks below. Don't blame me though if the earworms of the '80s ruin your weekend.

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