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So it turns out the top film in the land these days is the vampire flick " Underworld: Evolution" -- which sounds more like a Kevin Costner bomb than anything about the undead. Nevermind there are a half dozen movies with far more intelligence to see in theaters right now, give the people what they want, right? (Here comes the flood of vampire flicks -- I can see it now).

But try as Hollywood might, they will not top the glut of vampire movies from the 80s. As always the Golden Decade did it up right, offering more than a dozen flicks with fangs. Some merely bit while others completely sucked.

(There were a couple decent vampire comedies that didn't make it into the 80s: Love At First Bite in 1979 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1992.)

And so, we offer you our list of top 5 vampire flicks of the 80s:
5) Vampire's Kiss: See Nic Cage eat a cockroach!
4) Once Bitten: Jim Carrey has a one-night stand with a 400-year-old vampire. It could happen to anyone.
3) The Hunger: Welcome to the world of kinky gothic sex, the backbone of any popular vampire movie.
2) Fright Night: So you're neighbor's a vampire? Mine plays Foghat after midnight. I have it worse.
1) The Lost Boys: They dress cooler than us, ride motorcycles and get all the hot girls. If that's "lost", I don't ever wanna be found.

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