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Smile, Dudley Moore, you were on top of the world



Dudley It's hard to remember now, but for much of the time in the '80s, Hollywood belonged to Dudley Moore.

The winning streak began in 1979 with Moore starring alongside Bo Derek in 10. During the '80s, he made a movie every year, except 1989. Sure, there was an occasional stinker (Santa Claus, Best Defense, Arthur 2), but for the most part, Dudley was money in the band. I even will watch 1987's Like Father Like Son.

(Not to mention the comedy records he did with BFF Peter Cook under the names "Derek and Clive" in the early '80s.)

Even Rolling Stone gave its cover over to Moore in 1983, though would it have hurt to smile a little more, Dudley?

Alas, today would have been Dudley Moore's 75th birthday. Sadly, the beloved Brit left us in 2002, finally giving in to complications from progressive supranuclear palsy.

Still, as long as your DVD player works, you can still enjoy some of the finest work in his career.


5. MICKI + MAUDE (1984): Only Dudley could get away with filming a movie about leaving one woman for a more fertile one and still call it a comedy.

4. LOVESICK (1983): Always loved Sir Alec Guinness playing the imaginary Sigmund Freud.

3. UNFAITHFULLY YOURS (1984): Albert Brooks makes any movie better. So does Nastassja Kinski.

2. WHOLLY MOSES (1980): The story of a Hershel, the brother of Moses, who mistakenly believes it's his mission to free the slaves of Egypt. This underrated flick came out a year before Mel Brooks' History of the World Part 1.

1. ARTHUR (1981): If this movie is successfully remade into another hit, starring Russell Brand, Hollywood can again thank the genius of Dudley Moore.

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