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Smiles, everyone! 'Fantasy Island' to be remade as a reality TV show



Fantasy_island Of all the remake ideas coming out of the minds of TV and movie execs, this one might actually be fun: ABC's once-proud Fantasy Island TV show could soon be reborn as a reality TV series.

Survivor creator Mark Burnett and Sony Pictures are partnering to find a way to bring the late '70s/early '80s show, which starred the late Ricardo Montalban as the mystical Mr. Roarke, back to television.

In the reality show version, 12 contestants would compete to become the new Mr. Roarke by trying to make dreams come true for weekly guests, reports Variety. Guests would then vote off one of the aspiring Roarkes each week. Note to Burnett: No torches, please. But now that we think of it, wouldn't Jeff Probst make for an interesting Mr. Roarke?

(Wait a minute. No mention of Tattoo?!? Sadly, Hervé Villechaize passed away in 1993. If anyone suggests Austin Power's Mini-Me Verne Troyer, all bets are off.)

Not that Hollywood is asking, but I'd rather update the 1973 movie Westworld. Only this time the adult adventure park Delos would feature a "1980s land" complete with Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung (back with their bands), my old mustache and a Jeep Renegade for me to drive from concert to concert in. But seriously: No parachute pants this time around. (Okay, maybe for the pilot episode.)

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