Smiths podcast destroys '80s nation



Smiths Our podcast tribute to the Smiths either made you hate Stuck in the '80s or love us. But it definitely made you e-mail us. We've received a Sean Daly-esque girth of letters after the show aired. Here's a sample.

From Veejai:
"I loved the Smiths podcast. I knew nothing of the Smiths before your podcast and now I'm in love with them. I'm sorry Sean but have to call you out on not liking the Smiths I mean they have the sound and the lyrics blow my mind. I let my young brother listen to Hand in Glove and he loved it so much that he put the Smiths on his top 5 bands list after only hearing one song now that's impact. I'm not trying to bash you Sean because I have much love for you but I just think you should open your eyes to the magic of the Smiths."

From Krash: "I enjoyed the Smith’s podcast even though I've never really been a big fan of their music.  I’m still not, but it was interesting to find out more about them and Morrissey (what a “wanker” he sounds like).  I'm not afraid to try new things, and even if I don't care for their music, I try not to hate.  I guess I'll just keep the Smith’s filed as a band I never really got into."

From Derek: "Thank you so much for the podcast on the Smiths, I needed something to put my kids to sleep. The music of the Smiths was so boring, it makes me glad I didn't listen to college radio stations in the '80s. I think Sean made the right decision in stepping out for this one, he might have started snoring in the background."

From Father Paul: "I made it through the Smiths podcast. I know I take shots at them, and I think they are a band that has good quality and is creative, but for whatever reason I just can't get into them and am with Sean. I heard Cathy Wos was a little weirded out by clergy listening. Please assure Cathy that I’m a normal guy and priests listen to more than chant."

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