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Sneak peak at Lost Boys 2: The Tribe



I'm left speechless by the newly released trailer for Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. Looks like a sequel to our beloved '80s classic -- if done by the WB Network.

And what's with the vampires wearing the Cobra Kai skeleton outfits? A tribute to The Karate Kid or something?

Corey Feldman returns as one of the vamp-fighting Frog bothers, and from what little we see of him in the trailer, it looks like he's there for PR purposes only.

"I went to every length possible to make sure that I was emulating the appearance and the feel and the character as closely as possible to the first film," Feldman told in an interview. "This guy hasn't changed in 20 years. He looks exactly like we remember him looking, other than he's got some neck tattoos, but that's the only physical difference."

But even MTV wondered aloud if this sequel was worthy of the big screen or doomed to spend eternity on a shelf at Blockbuster. Feldman was of little help. "No one seems to have that answer," he conceded.

Sometimes it's better to leave sleeping vampires to slumber on.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:31pm]


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