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Snubbed parents, smiling ex-wife, a canceled funeral: Gary Coleman's death gets even messier

Gary coleman home
The home of actor Gary Coleman in Santaquin, Utah. [Getty Images]

How is it that 99 percent of the civilized world can work through the death of a loved one with minimal drama. But you get one dead celebrity, and you'd think the apocalypse is upon us. Poor Gary Coleman. You didn't deserve this.

Here are the five oddest developments in the aftermath of the 42-year-old actor's death:

1. HIS PARENTS WANT HIS REMAINS: Sue and Willie Coleman would like Gary's remains to return to Zion, Ill., for burial. After all, Gary divorced his wife Shannon Price two years ago. Seems like a reasonable request, right? No need to involve court orders or anything. Wrong.

2. SHANNON PRICE WANTS HIS REMAINS:Turns out his ex-missus wants the remains, so sorry mom and dad. "The family [his parents] has different plans than what is in Gary's will," Coleman's agent, Shielia Erickson, told the Tribune. "It's clear that Shannon is the one that Gary wants to represent him, as she did in the hospital," Erickson said. "He didn't mention, at any time, his parents."

3. NO FUNERAL ANY TIME SOON: The funeral director handling the services in Utah, where Price and Coleman lived, says the service -- originally scheduled for this weekend -- has been canceled, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. It's been a full week since Coleman died in a Utah hospital, if you're keeping score.

4. HIS EX-WIFE MIGHT BE LYING ABOUT OTHER THINGS: says Price told a conflicting story to 911, leading some to theorize she might have something more to do with his death. On May 26, Shannon told the 911 operator she couldn't take Coleman to the hospital because, "I cant drive … cause you know, like I said, I have seizures," according to TMZ. Later the same day, Price told a camera crew, "[Gary] has done a lot for me ... he's bought me a car." Uh-huh... Meanwhile, a blog called The Blemish says Price's story about how she arrived at the decision to pull the plug keeps changing. Read more here.

5. PRICE DOESN'T SEEM TORN UP AT ALL: Just hours after Price decided to end Coleman's life support, she was seen was already smiling and posing for photos, again according to TMZ, which has the photos to prove it.

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