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It's finally time to give proper respect to the greatest teen movie of the 80s. No, not Breakfast Club. Not even Ferris. This week on our Stuck in the 80s podcast, we'll be discussing -- nay, worshipping -- the genius of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. That's right, Stacey, Rat, Mr. Vargas, Damone, Mr. Hand and, of course, Spicoli.

Some fast facts:

-- For a teen movie in the uber-conservative Reagan years, Fast Times got away with a lot without much attention from studio chiefs and censors. Underage sex, abortion, drug use and more. How did they pull it off? The same studio producing Fast Times was simultaneously filming Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, which cost more to make and featured bigger stars. So their attention was wasn't focused on the day-to-day shooting from Fast Times.

-- Sean Penn stayed in his Spicoli character the entire movie. When he rolls out of his smoke-filled VW van before class, he wasn't acting stoned.

-- Many scenes had to be cut to avoid an X rating, including a longer sex scene between Stacey and Damone and a naked hot tub scene with Linda and Stacey.

-- The movie is based on a book by Cameron Crowe (Say Anything, Almost Famous), who returned to high school and posed as a student for research. While some scenes are reproduced word for word (like the scene at the Point), much of the book is reworked and consolidated to make it work better for screen.

So what's your take on the movie? Is is the best teen movie of the 80s? What's your favorite scene or quote from the movie? Remember, if I'm here, and you're here, isn't this really our time? No harm asking a few questions on our time.

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