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The "soft FM rock" of 1981

Our latest Stuck in the 80s podcast is online, featuring the one-hit wonders of 1981. Click here to download and listen.

It's really a trip down Amnesia Lane, because some of the songs will sound a little unfamiliar and very un-80s-like. Remember, 1981 was the last gasp for the soft-rock FM hits. Hence you get some April Wine ("Just Between You and Me"), Joey Scarbury ("Believe It or Not"), Kim Carnes ("Bette Davis Eyes") and Quarterflash ("Harden My Heart"). When we get around to covering the one-hit wonders of 1982 (Bow Wow Wow, Toni Basil, Wall of Voodoo), you'll really hear the difference -- Pop and New Wave conquers Disco.

In the meantime, feel free to send us your own suggestions and comments. We answer every e-mail. Here are some of the latest comments:

From Austin, Texas: "I just started listening and loved the shows on Miami Vice and politics in the 80s. It's a cool show because I always get into the subject and think of other things I would say if I were there."

From GT: "As always great show!!!!... Pure comedy"

From Minneapolis: "Great podcast! Now that summer is getting closer how about a 'Best summer album of the 80s' show? I vote for 'Skylarking' by XTC. Also, get on that Husker Du show!"

From Puerto Rico: "I love the show. You guys keep up the great work and the memories coming."

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