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Some casting suggestions for Knight Rider

Hollywood is ready to turn another quirky TV series into a feature film. (You'd think the last dozen or so box office bombs would deter them.) This time, it's Knight Rider, the 80s classic (dare I use that term loosely) that starred David Hasselhoff and featured the voice of William Daniels (as K.I.T.T., the talking, crime-fighting car).

The Weinstein Co. greenlighted the project and production should begin next year. The word is that Hasselhoff won't reprise his role as Michael Knight. Probably a good idea. In fact, Hasselhoff should pretty much be restricted to only appearing in roles that lampoon his very existence (Dodgeball, EuroTrip).

Personally, I never "got" the show. You have a custom Trans-Am (nice ... in the 80s, I would have approved) but with a haughty voice and snobby personality. And a German-crooning, tight-jeans, blowdried haircut as your lead actor. And they're supposed to be a menacing combination?

You know what would have made it better? Give the car the voice -- "By Your Command" -- of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica -- the original series, of course. (Did you know spellcheck tries to change Cylon to "colon"? Just a little trivia.) The car has the Cylon-looking "eye" already on the hood. Wicked.

Then -- here's the best part -- put Kristy McNichol behind the wheel. Keep the tight jeans but make her character a rogue vigilante with a morally challenged past. Now that's a movie or show I'm buying every season on DVD.

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