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Sounds of summer: What's your favorite theme song to a summer '80s flick?

Oingo Boingo's bouncy Happy is one of those tunes that spreads a grin on my face every time. Not because it's a particularly great tune, but rather because it's the theme song to 1987's Summer School, one of the guiltiest pleasures of the '80s. And sometimes that's enough.

With the summer holiday season upon us, help me name the best songs from summer movies of the '80s. Oh, there are plenty to choice from -- anything from the Vacation movies for starters. If you need more help, just listen to our podcast of the movies and music of summer. And stay tuned for a top 10 list soon.


5. "It's just like you said Gills! We're psychopaths! Somebody better call the school nurse!"

4. "It was an accident. I'll take it again. I can fail, I know I can."

3.  "So, you're all alone and you like young girls."

2. "This menstruation thing? It's a scam! Women are so lucky."

1. "Tension-breaker. Had to be done."

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