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Spending Thanksgiving with John and Steve



Steveandjohn Does your Thanksgiving feel a little incomplete? Maybe you forgot the basics: Enjoying a classic flick from the 80s with the ultimate holiday feel. I'm talking about Steve Martin, John Candy and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Some say this 1987 flick was John Hughes' true masterpiece. It's certainly his best "grown-up" film. But does it beat out Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller? Steve Martin reportedly has said it's his favorite film starring himself. (No, Steve ... Parenthood was slightly better.) Ah, leave the debate for the day after Thanksgiving. For now just enjoy this film for what it's worth.

First a little trivia to whet your appetite:

  • Though primarily known as a Steve Martin-John Candy flick, it also features appearances by 80s favorites Kevin Bacon, Lyman Ward (Ferris' dad), Ben Stein and Michael McKean.
  • There are multiple references to Hughes' next film -- She's Having a Baby -- sprinkled through the film (it's playing on the TV in the motel room for one).
  • The film got an R-rating for a 60-second-long F-word tirade by Martin at the rental car counter. During that span, he uses the word 18 times.
  • John Hughes shot more than twice the footage of most movies at that time. A 3-hour version of the movie actually exists, though the director has said it would take tons of editing and production to get it ready for viewing.

Top 5 printable quotes from Plains, Trains and Automobiles:
5. "Larry Bird doesn't do as much ball-handling in one night as you do in an hour!"
4. "If they told you wolverines would make good house pets, would you believe them?"
3. "St. Louis to Chi-town is booked tighter than Tom Thumb's ass."
2. "If I wanted a joke, I'd follow you into the john and watch you take a leak. Now are you gonna help me or are you gonna stand there like a slab of meat with mittens?"
1. "Those aren't pillows!"

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