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Springsteen's halftime? It wasn't THAT good



Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Halftime show

Come on, people. Let's take a much-needed dose of reality (along with a couple Advil followed by a Pepto chaser). Was Bruce Springsteen's halftime performance at Super Bowl XLIII really deserving of all the praise and hype? Well I'm here to tell ya ... It wasn't.

Opening with Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out? Predictable, but appreciated. Playing Born to Run as the second song? Baffling! (Switch places with Glory Days and peace could have been achieved honorably.) That Foreigner-esque I Wanna Know What Love Is church choir behind him for that third song? Just painfully cliche. And having a referee come out and drop a delay-of-game flag during the finale? The string of expletives flying from my mouth at that moment could have filled up Scarface and Casino twice over.

And don't even get me started on changing the lyrics to Glory Days to reflect football instead of baseball. Are you that much of a cornball, Bruce? Or, between that, schlepping a best-of CD exclusively at Wal-Mart (which he did apologize for) and pimping new material during a 12-minute set, are you maybe growing a little senile in your advancing years?

Last question: Did Bruce really need to teabag America last night? 

Sorry, Bruce. This is all kinda harsh, I know, but you seem like the kinda guy who'd want it given to him straight. And I really wanted to like your halftime show. But after last night's disappointment, I feel even more secure declaring Prince's Purple Rain halftime phenomenon as the undefeated champ of the ultimate halftime show.

[Times photo: Brendan Fitterer]

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