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Ridgway Come sit on the lap of Uncle Stan and let him spin a yarn about border music, cigar-box banjos and sticking your face in a huge bowl of beans for 5 minutes.

Wall of Voodoo lead singer and American song-writing legend Stan Ridgway is our guest this week on the Stuck in the 80s podcast. Click here to listen to the show, or just click here to make a commitment to improving your life by subscribing for free via iTunes.

"Mexican Radio" is only a small piece of Stan's career in music, which began in the 70s and stretches to today. And though to many 80s fans he may be best know for "eating barbecued iguana," his catalog of music is much more diverse and eclectic than you can imagine.

We knew were spinning pure gold right away during our interview when Stan began flashing his distinctive wit in the first 5 seconds. "Are we really stuck in the 80s?" he asked us immediately. "Well, it's an interesting decade. Somebody's gotta sit and the helm and steer the ship."

Later in the show, Stan explains the weirdness of the Mexican Radio video. He originally wanted to appear as a "meatloaf" in an oven, but thanks to budget constraints, the band settled for having his face appear suddenly from a huge bowl of beans. Exactly how they accomplished that is something you'll have to hear for yourself.

Stan also explained the genesis of Mexican Radio, saying he and his band would sit in his old Mustang in L.A., trying to find a Mexican station on the radio because he liked the sound of something he couldn't understand.

The show also includes music from his solo career, including the songs "Camouflage" and "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues Part 1." His latest offering from his side project Drywall is a song called "Hidden Bonus Track #16" -- better known as "Bush and BBQ" -- a stinging damnation of the president and his administration that uses Bush's own words rearranged to give an entirely new message. (Click here to download it from the official Stan Ridgway website.)

We included 10 minutes of bonus interview coverage at the end of the show, for those -- like us -- who couldn't get enough of Stan. Enjoy the show.

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