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Stay gold, C. Thomas Howell



C_thomas_howell C. Thomas Howell once had the world in his hands. During the '80s, of course. Blessed with a name cooler than a pint of Bud Dry, Howell cruised through our fave decade cranking out hit after hit.

He's still whipping out the movies -- he appears in 10 flicks currently in some state of production -- but it's been a while since he made a big hit. (So cross your fingers for him in the upcoming The Day The Earth Stopped, where he co-stars with Judd Nelson.)

Where did he go wrong? Starring as "Monroe Clark" in 1990's Side Out seems like the first misstep (though sadly, I'll watch it every time it comes on cable, but I guess I'm a sucker for romantic-comedies based around beach volleyball).

My man "C" -- as I like to call him -- turns 42 years old today. Do him (and yourself) a favor and re-watch one of his classic flicks. And rather than just picking a top 5 list, I'll rank C's entire '80s collection
-- or at least the onces where he had a memorable quote.


8. TANK (1984): "Let's see that cracker try and stop a tank!"

7. GRANDVIEW, U.S.A. (1984): "Man, I feel so stupid."

6. E.T.: THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (1982): "Hey, Elliott, where's your goblin?" 

(1986): "Do I look like a killer to you?"

4. RED DAWN (1984): "If you didn't love anybody, you wouldn't be here right now."

3. SECRET ADMIRER (1985): "Jesus! You are one gutsy virgin!"

2. THE OUTSIDERS (1983): "When I stepped out into the bright sunlight, from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman, and a ride home."

1. SOUL MAN (1986): "This is the Cosby decade. America loves black people."

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