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Steve Guttenberg is NOT dead ... He's just on Broadway



Steve Guttenberg/Police AcademyDid you know the second-most popular Google search of Steve Guttenberg is actually "Steve Guttenberg died?" Poor Steve. He makes a couple too many Police Academy movies and suddenly the Internet world thinks he's dead?!? (Hey, we loved Citizens on Patrol.)

Turns out Guttenberg is alive and well and appearing on Broadway in a Woody Allen one-act play Relatively Speaking. It's his first Broadway appearance in 20 years, and that's good enough to get the full interview treatment from the L.A. Times. Here are some highlights:

ON HIS DRY SPELL: "This business runs on fear. It's about 'if we say no to him, can he come back and ... bite us in the... And I have a very even-keeled nature, and I think sometimes that kindness is taken as a weakness. If you're too nice to the doorman, you won't get your packages as quickly."

ON BEING PROUD OF POLICE ACADEMY: "I'm thrilled. How many guys in the world have a famous character? Sean Connery. Harrison Ford. Sylvester Stallone. William Shatner. Steve Guttenberg. I mean, when people yell out 'Mahoney' on the street, I'm … proud of it."

Read the full story here.


5. "If you want to talk, you always have the guys at the diner. You don't need a girl if you wanna talk." (Diner)

4. "Originally I had non-military purposes in mind. I designed it as a marital aid." (Short Circuit)

3. "Hush little baby, don't you cry. When Peter gets home, I'm gonna punch him in the eye." (Three Men and a Baby)

2. "I'm dead. So this is what it feels like. Like a hangover." (High Spirits)

1. "If this is foreplay I'm a dead man!" (Cocoon)

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