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Still hanging tough with New Kids on the Block




Hey gang, Stephanie Hayes here. Spears, to maintain his last miserable shred of dignity, asked me to take the blog reigns on this one - NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! The dreamy Boston boy band ruled in the late 80s, pimped by Maurice Starr as a white answer to New Edition.

Yesterday, I shared a moment with my friend, Tamara. She's a pavement-pounding journalist by day, a closet NKOTB fan by night. Here's our electronic exchange. Only true NKOTB fans will appreciate it:

Tamara: NKOTB!!!!
Tamara: step by step oh babyyyyyyy gonna get to you giiiiirrrrrlllllllll
Stephanie: you got the right stuff, baybee, love the way you turn me on
Tamara: please dont go giiiiiiiirl
Stephanie: jordan is so hot
Tamara: i heart jordan.

Two professional women reduced to sniveling fan girls. Sad. I had the Jordan Knight doll, which if I recall, came with ONE EARRING. I had trading cards. A hot pink plastic watch. My sophisticated neighbor, Ashley Kunaszewski, who was a year older and had a boyfriend, CARVED HER HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN with Jonathan Knight's initials. (Ashley – e-mail me!)

In the early 90s, the group became a punch line. The boys were later forced into desperation gigs on the "Surreal Life" and "Dancing with the Stars."

But fear not! There has been mucho chatter of a New Kids reunion. Danny Wood, the, um, unfortunate looking one, keeps posting cryptic things on MySpace like, "I can guarantee all the fans that if this reunion were to happen, they would hear about it first on" If it pans out, Tamara and I are getting front row tickets.

I know many of you are bent over puking into the wastebasket now. I don't expect you to share my passion for boys with fade haircuts and high tops.

But here’s my question to you, 80s nation: Not counting New Kids, what 80s band reunion would you LEAST like to see?

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