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Stripes turns 30: Saluting Capt. Stillman and his beloved loofah

StripesOur salute to Stripes continues today as we march in formation closer and closer to its 30th anniversary this summer. (That's a fact, JACK!)

Today's huggable hero? Well, technically he was the villain. It's Capt. Stillman, aka John Larroquette. I'd love to hit you with some bizarre trivia like "This is Larroquette's first film role" but it wasn't even his first military role. Larroquette made his screen debut in 1966 in Follow Me Boys and then flew onto our radars again in the late '70s when he co-starred in Black Sheep Squadron. Still, you have to think that Stripes gave him the star-power to swing the starring role on Night Court, which began in 1984.

According to reports, Larroquette actually improvised his lines when he's watching the female recruits in the shower through the telescope, including the line "Oh, God! I wish I was a loofah!" (According to Larroquette, he had to explain to director Ivan Reitman what a loofah was.)

And yes, that remains our all-time fave line by the great Capt. Stillman. What are some others? Read on.


5. "Where the f---'s my truck? Where? Where's ... my ... truck?"

4. "Soldier. The only way to learn anything is to do it. Now fire the weapon."

3. "Have that removed."

2. "Tomorrow, you'll be on parade in front of Gen. Barnicke. And when he sees what total f--- ups you are, I will recommend that your whole platoon repeat the entire course of basic training."

1. "Oh, God! I wish I was a loofah!"

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