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Stuck in the '80s' next chapter begins today




Dear Stuck in the '80s nation,

Today marks the end and a new beginning for Stuck in the '80s, an idea that came to mind seven years ago when I wanted to invent something to do at work that wouldn't feel at all like actual work. After 16 years at the Tampa Bay Times, today is my final day. Tomorrow, I begin packing up hundreds of '80s movies on DVD, my beloved Ferris Bueller poster, a framed poster of Live Aid's final moments and try to transplant it and all the memories 90 miles away in Orlando. On Nov. 5, I will trade one dream for another when I start a new job as Digital Content Director at Bonnier Corp. My other passion -- travel -- will be the focus of the new job, and I couldn't be more excited.

But Stuck in the '80s will endure. And it will remain right here. At least for a while. The Times has asked me to continue writing the blog as a freelancer, and I've happily agreed. There's still so much to say about what I constantly call "our beloved decade." There are birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate, Hollywood remakes and sequels to mock, new albums by our aging heroes to be cheered, and -- sadly too -- passings to be mourned. And as we have for seven years, we'll do it all together.

You'll notice that my blog biography has changed a little, marking my move from "editor" to "correspondent." And the e-mail to reach me is new too: [email protected] Other things will remain the same. You can still find Tampa Bay (and now Orlando) concerts by '80s bands to the right. And I hope to still be able to give you the latest touring news along with interviews with the people we love from our decade.

As for the podcast, we've posted our last "studio-produced" show online. You can find it right here. I emphasize "studio-produced" because I believe the Stuck in the '80s podcast will find a second incarnation in the coming months. But first, allow me some time to summon the energy and vision for it while I start my new future in Orlando.

In the meantime, you'll see my "heart on the sleeve" five days a week right here on the blog (and at our Facebook page). And now more than ever, I welcome your contributions as well. Concert and album reviews, top 5 lists, you dream it up, I'll find a way to make it work online.

As Stuck in the '80s transitions, I take your kudos and compliments with the greatest humility. When the sliver of the idea of honoring a decade that was already buried in 20 years of history first came to me, I figured it would be a solitary adventure. I could never have conceived that hundreds of thousands of friends would join me on the journey and make it part of their own lives.

I loved to finish each podcast with the words "hopelessly stuck in the '80s." But now I'm not sure those are the right words for this particular moment. "Proudly stuck in the '80s" fits better. And now, let's turn to the next page together...

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