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Stuck in the '80s turns 4 years old



Podcast This week marked the 4th anniversary of the Stuck in the '80s podcast. Hard to believe, but we debuted on July 22, 2005 with just a show about The Breakfast Club that was a mere 13 minutes long.

Please do NOT go back and listen to it. It bears little resemblance to the show you hear today, though it had myself and original co-host Gina Vivinetto on it. No guest. No clips. A little music. That was it. And seriously ... 13 minutes? Wow. It takes Sean Daly just that long these days to go through reader mail and do his bologna jokes.

Here are some notable highlights from our four years:

FIRST APPEARANCE OF CO-HOST SEAN DALY: I believe that was episode No. 4, the salute to Sean Penn and Madonna, though you don't hear his voice until halfway through the show.

FIRST APPEARANCE OF CO-HOST CATHY WOS: Our longtime co-host first came onboard as a guest for our Heathers podcast. I think she joined fulltime for our Oingo Boingo show, then ended her first stint after our Canada in the '80s show. Her farewell show remains a favorite. You can hear her again now on more recent shows, including the Horrible Hits of 1984.

FIRST CELEBRITY GUEST: That was Andy Wickett, the lead singer for Duran Duran before Simon Le Bon in episode 51. MTV's Adam Curry was next. We continue to get a lot of people who say they loved the Stan Ridgway show.

Rick_springfield OUR FAVORITE CELEBRITY GUEST: Wow. Always hard to pick this one. Deborah Gibson was notable because she came to see us. However, we also interviewed Rick Springfield and Loverboy in person. Most everyone enjoyed AC/DC's Brian Johnson and MTV's Martha Quinn. I also really thought Kenny Loggins and Michael McKean were great shows. Of course, there's the magic of Deborah Foreman as well.

OUR LEAST FAVORITE SHOWS: Another tough topic. If you go back and listen to any of the early shows, they don't sound nearly as good as shows from the last two or three years in general. But I think we whiffed on Andrew Dice Clay and Tom Wopat. Our Colin Hay show could have been better. Weird Science is generally regarded as a lame show, as is our salute to Back to the Future.

OUR FAVORITE SHOWS: I still love the Music and Movies of Summer from last year. And even our most recent show on The Last Starfighter was a good one.

Threesome FANS' FAVORITE SHOWS: Any show with "Mama No!" gets a lot of responses. The story about "the bags of rum" from the Sting/Police podcast still brings in e-mails. I remember getting a ton of e-mail after our sad-sack Genesis tribute.

WHAT'S NEXT: Oh, you never know because we never know. We've asked for interviews with a half dozen bands for the next few months, including Psychedelic Furs and Def Leppard. And I'm halfway through planning our Australia in the '80s podcast. So stay tuned. And viva la '80s.

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