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Success hasn't spoiled me yet



If I'm going to rip off a headline idea, it better at least be from the 80s. Thanks, Rick Springfield.

So now that I'm some big award-winning blogger, I have a few things to accomplish on my wish list. Thought I might jot them down here.

Top 5 things a winning 80s blogger ought to do:

Curlysue_2 5. Go buy all the John Hughes flicks on DVD -- all at once if possible, which would really scare the checkout person at Best Buy ... especially if I reeked of Boones Farm.  (Probably ask store whether Class Reunion, Dutch and Curly Sue can be found in the bargain bin.)

4. Make winning bid for autographed portrait of Molly Ringwald on eBay. (Right after I see if won the bid for the "Dreaming of you, Anthony Michael Hall" pillowcase.)

Signed_clock 3. Convince bosses to send me to London to catch the last of the Original Asia reunion tour. Cash in the first-class ticket for coach so that there's money left over to buy wall clock signed by the band.

Kristy_mcnichol_1 2. Get tattoo of Kristy McNichol on one arm and Susanna Hoffs on the other. (Finally pay to have giant "Frankie say RELAX" tattoo removed from my back.)

1. Use one-half of award prize money to hire Journey to play my 40th birthday party. Use other half to bring back Steve Perry to join them. Videotape the teary reunion and make a fortune in pay-per-view rights.

Thank you, readers and listeners around the world. I remain here, humbly but forever, stuck in the 80s.

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