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Sunday chat: 80s protest songs



Frankie Anyone else miss the days when America was only at war -- albeit a cold one -- with those evil Ruskies? Ah, the good old days. And it reflected in the music biz.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood warned about "Two Tribes." The Dead Kennedys lambasted voodoo economics in "Kill The Poor." Sting, Jackson Browne, Genesis, Bruce Springsteen. Have a cause, make a record, raise the consciousness. It seemed so simple.

These days, politics are just too frustrating to get involved in. Maybe that's why we see the dearth of protest songs. Or maybe today's pop stars are just numb-skulls...

SUNDAY'S CHAT: The topic: What are your favorite protest or political songs of the 80s. As always, we can talk about other stuff, including the ABC podcast and 80s Night at Tropicana Field this coming Saturday.

Frankie FRANKIE ... AND FRANKIE ONLY: Click the thumbnail photo to see the full-size publicity shot of my Frankie Goes To Hollywood lip-sync group back in 1985. (Hell yeah, we won!) Can you figure out which one is me?

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