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Sunday's chat: Earworms of the 80s



Poor B.A. He has a bad case of the "80s earworm" -- where a song drills its insanely catchy lyrics deep into the head of an innocent music fan.

The whole irony is that the best cure for an earworm is simply humming the theme to "The A-Team." (Special thanks to former podcast co-host Cathy Wos for revealing that important knowledge to Stuck in the 80s fans.)

Sunday's chat topics: Earworms of the 80s -- which songs do you find impossible to get out of your head? (Me? It's "Living in a Box" and "Mr. Roboto" ... "I'm not a hero! I'm not a savior! Forget what you know! I'm just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control!")

Also: We chatted about the much-contested list of Best John Cusack Movies, this week's podcast and the upcoming Vegas trip!

Thanks to everyone who turned up for the chat. Remember, we'll take next Sunday off.

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