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Sussudio and Magnum: ah, gotta love the 80s



Two of the most recognizeable symbols of the 80s celebrate birthdays this week: Phil Collins and Tom Selleck. They really have little in common, except that they're both guilty pleasures for fans of the decade.

Selleck turned 61 on Sunday. Are you kidding me? Magnum P.I. is 61? Come on, admit it. You watched the show. Everyone did. If you're a male, you watched it because he drove a cool car, wore fun shirts and snagged ladies at will. (Maybe you even grew a mustache so you could look a little like him.) If you're a female, you watched it because it had smiling Tom Selleck in it. Sometimes shirtless! And that mustache!

Collins turned 55 on Monday. The 80s were probably the highlight of his music career. Genesis cranked out its poppiest album ever in 1983 -- Invisible Touch, which went multi-platinum several times over and spawned a slew of chart-toppers. Alas, Phil chose to go the "adult-contemporary" solo path during the decade, beginning with the song "In the Air Tonight" (used quite erotically in the classic flick Risky Business). In all, he cranked out 4 solo albums in the 80s.

Of course, our birthday boys had their bombs in the 80s too. Selleck proved to be a one-trick pony, only finding real success on TV (See: High Road to China, Runaway and Her Alibi for his Hollywood bombs). And Phil Collins should never be forgiven for recording radio faves "Don't Lose My Number" and "Sussudio." (Admit it, you're singing it now. "There’s this girl that’s been on my mind. All the time, sussudio oh oh.")

But it's your birthdays, so we'll forgive and forget, right? Never!

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