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A talk with John Oates? I can go for that



Hall & Oates - credit - Mark Maglio John Oates might seem like the quieter half of the legendary '80s pop-rock duo Hall & Oates, but spend a half-hour on the phone with him and you'll find he might also be the funnier half.

John regaled Sean Daly and I with stories from the '80s, tales from the recording studio and even took time to give the "buzzer" sound effect when Daly requested an obscure deep album cut for their show this Wednesday at Ruth Eckerd Hall. A moment to treasure.

Our Hall & Oates podcast is now online. Click here to listen. Or click here to get all our shows for free via iTunes. In the meantime, here are some highlights from the interview.

ON THEIR FOUR-DECADE-LONG PARTNERSHIP: "Duos in general have a very unusual dynamic. We have the exact same background. We went to the same kind of schools. We lived in the same part of Pennsylvania. We were excited and inspired by the same type of music. And then when we got together, it formed a musical bond. But at the same time, we’re completely different as people. I think we balance each other out in a kind of a strange weird way."

WHEN YOU MAKE A SOLO ALBUM, YOU MISS DARYL: “No, not at all. ... What I do with Daryl is unique. We can never replicate it or replace it. The solo stuff -- whether it’s him or me -- is totally different. I think that both have their place.”

ON THEIR GOLDEN TOUCH IN THE '80s: “Throughout the '70s, we dabbled with a lot of different sounds to try to find ourselves. In the '80s, it came together. We produced ourselves. The hits started rolling. It was just an intense time. We would write songs really fast, we’d record them fairly quickly, make videos, get on a bus, go on tour for a year, come back and do it all over again. It never really stopped. It seemed like it just flew by.”

"I came to my senses. At that time, Daryl was the voice of all the hits. Being a partner, I had to act like a partner. I realized if I sang it, it’d be a hit of some sort, but it might not be a best match."

You're going to have to listen to the podcast for that one!

[Photo by Mark Maglio]

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