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A-Team movie toys feel more like C-minus



A-team van
The Karate Kid took out The A-Team at the weekend box office in the battle of the ’80s remakes. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan crane-kicked their way to $55.7 million, more than double the take of Liam Neeson and company.

If anyone’s thinking that The A-Team will make it all up in toy sales, we’ve got more bad news: The Stuck in the '80s team here checked out an assortment of A-Team action figures and vehicles over the last week and we’re feeling that C-Minus Team might be more appropriate.

B.A. Baracus’ GMC van looks pretty rickety — one rocket-propelled grenade and it’s all over — and the Hannibal action figure looks more like Tim Allen than Neeson. (What? No cigar to chomp but two guns to fire?!?)

You can find them all at In the meantime, we’ll scour eBay for Ralph Macchio or Pat Morita figurines.

[Last modified: Thursday, June 17, 2010 11:40am]


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