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'A-Team' remake recruiting Liam Neeson, but who should take Mr. T's role?



A-team In their never-ending quest to erase all fond memories of '80s television, Hollywood's remake of The A-Team is proceeding full speed ahead. The latest rumors, according to Variety: Liam Neeson will take George Peppard's role as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith and Bradley Cooper will tackle the role of Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck (played by Dirk Benedict).

Variety reports that the producers and writers of the remake will keep the series' plot intact -- a group of war veterans become evil-fighting mercenaries after being falsely convicted of crimes -- but will lighten the tone of the TV show and pursue a campier angle a la Ocean's Eleven.

Given Neeson's bent toward serious drama (and his recent personal tragedy), it's hard to imagine him starring in a rompy remake. But he has tackled softer roles before in Love Actually and High Spirits.

NPR, meanwhile, is offering up its five picks to play the role of B.A. ... yeah, the Mr. T role that remains uncast. Here's an abbreviated look at NPR's suggestions along with their arguments.

1. MICKEY ROURKE: "Vaguely nutsy, he's aggressively unique, and he certainly has the requisite experience with bombs."

2. JUSTIN LONG: "Okay. If we know that you can't emulate Mr. T, then perhaps the solution is to go as far from Mr. T as possible."

3. THE ROCK: "Massive, action-oriented, and a guy who shares Mr. T's wrestling background, The Rock also has a catchphrase that rivals the pitying of the proverbial fool for both stupidity and usefulness."

4. DJIMON HOUNSOU: "Appeared as a bouncer in the very first episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, giving him the requisite bad-television experience."

5. MR. T: "Surely, some combination of CGI, a giant paycheck, and some sort of buttressing apparatus can bring him back into B.A.'s shoes more than 20 years after he left."

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