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The Stuck in the 80s podcast krewe returns this week for our special salute to MTV on its 25th birthday. And as always, we want your participation...

Tell us your favorite memory or story about MTV in the 80s.

Everybody has something. For example: When MTV first started in 1981, cable TV wasn't available in my neighborhood. My mom had to ask a coworker at the office to videotape the channel for me and my sister. So every couple of weeks, we'd get a six-hour tape of videos, which we'd watch non-stop until the next tape arrived. Hence, I can still quote early videos like Men At Work's "Be Good Johnny" line for line and act out every scene in the video. (Something I put on every job application.)

Call our toll-free number at (866) 371-9605 -- yes, we swear it's toll-free -- and leave us a voice message with your MTV story (don't forget to give us your name and location too!). Short, long, lame, dirty -- it's all good. We'll use your stories on this week's podcast.

Please call us before Wednesday or you'll force us to fill the time with Sean Daly playing "Mr. Roboto" on his mouth organ.

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