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'Tension breaker ... had to be done'



Oceanfrontsharks I thought I was wasting time this morning by watching Summer School on cable before work. (Note to '80s Nation: You are NEVER wasting time by watching '80s movies. EVER.)

Today's important piece of mascot trivia: Mr. Shoop (Mark Harmon) is teaching summer school at Ocean Front High School, where the mascot is .... ta-dah! ... the Sharks! (Click here to see more '80s high school mascots.)

A little more Summer School trivia for a Friday morning...

  • Harmon is wearing the exact same model of Hawaiian shirt that Montgomery Cliff wears in From Here to Eternity. At movie's end, Harmon and Kirstie Alley make out in the surf, a la Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the same classic flick.
  • The same school used in this movie was also used in Karate Kid three years earlier.
  • Does that musical score sound familiar? Yep, it's by Danny Elfman, who also contributes his song Happy to the soundtrack (heard during the opening and closing credits).
  • Mr. Shoop takes over the remedial English class for the summer because the original teacher wins the lottery. That teacher is played by ... Carl Reiner, who was also the movie's director.

Click here to relive our Tribute to Summer podcast, including Sean Daly's very weird theory about Mark Harmon's chest.

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