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There can be only one: Name the best guy movies of the '80s



HighlanderLet me run this theory by you: In the '80s, an average "guy movie" becomes an epic "guy movie" if you add one thing. The music of Queen. Think about it. Flash Gordon. Iron Eagle. And, of course, Highlander.

So here's our new challenge. Let's rank the best "guy movies" of the '80s. I'm thinking there have to be a few factors:

  • Obviously it needs to be a movie released in the '80s. (That rules out 1977's Slap Shot and 1990's Hunt for Red October, which might be my personal faves in this category.)
  • It needs to appeal "the guy" in each of us. Even a female should appreciate the unique attraction to a guy movie.
  • Good looks aren't important, but great action usually is.
  • Female co-stars? Eh. Who needs them? Just stay out the way, sweetheart.

Here are three that come to mind.

THE BLUES BROTHERS (1980): Jake and Elwood. As for females? Carrie Fisher with a flame-thrower. Perfect.

DIE HARD (1988): Maybe the best Bruce Willis movie of all time? And he's easily a guy's guy. But give Alan Rickman credit for stealing the show.

PLATOON (1986): Any females at all in this movie? Not counting VC soldiers, I mean.

Go ahead and leave your suggestions in the comments area. I'll compile the movies and rank them for Labor Day Weekend.

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