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There's a song that's been on my mind

Sussudio There's a love-hate relationship that most 80s fans have with Phil Collins. We love tunes like "In the Air Tonight." But we mock and curse the catchier popiness of the "Sussudio's" of his catalog.

For the record: "Sussudio" is worse than an earworm. It's like those dreaded eels in "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan." It burrows a hole in my skull and forces me to do things against my will -- like go see "Steel Magnolias" -- until eventually insanity sets in and I end up using a phaser on myself deep beneath the surface of Ceti Alpha 5.

Collins is perhaps the reason iTunes and iPops were invented. He cranks out singles with the same ruthless efficiency that I wield sci-fi movie quotes. He's the reason "Greatest Of" albums were invented.

Still, Phil's not hurting for album sales. His highest selling disc of the 80s? "No Jacket Required," with 30-million albums sold worldwide (along with the requisite Grammy Award in 1986).

But is it his best album? That's what Times pop music Sean Daly and I will decide on this week's podcast.

Personally, I fear for my self-control and behavior during this week's show. While I tend to lean toward the New Romantic acts of the 80s -- we all know this much is true -- and the offbeat sounds of Aussie and West Coast sounds, Daly is a bona fide Collins junkie. He has "Don't Lose My Number" as his cell phone's ringtone.

So before we settle this once and for all, what's your opinion? Is "No Jacket Required" Phil's opus? Or maybe it's "Face Value." Drop us a comment and we'll share the best on the show.

Phils No. 1 tunes of the 80s

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