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These all go to 11: Best band movies of the '80s

Rubixcubed Leave it a band guy to pick the "Best Band Movies of the '80s" list for Stuck in the '80s. Today's guest blogger is the famous Chris Stainton of the '80s cover band Rubix Cubed.

Hey, Stuck in the '80s crew!  Longtime listener, first-time guest columnist here. Since Steve shot down all my other great Top 5 ideas (top five Rush songs of the '80s; top five Rush albums of the '80s; top 5 Rush guitar solos of the '80s, etc.), I thought I'd give one with a little more widespread appeal: best band movies of the '80s.

This was a heated discussion in the Rubix Cubed camp, especially when trying to put them in order of favorite to least.  So we decided to put them up in no particular order. We get misty-eyed with movies about bands working their tails off trying to get their big break.


THIS IS SPINAL TAP (1984): Rubix Cubed constantly tries to throw Big Bottoms on its playlist, but with only one bass player, it invariably falls short. And Bender's amp DOES go to 11.

PURPLE RAIN (1984): The purple one can play, looks great and can even act. We all know the plot, we all know the story, and I do have the album cover of Morris Day and the Time on my studio wall.

SATISFACTION (1988): A couple of teenagers have a band, Mystery, with Jennie as the lead singer. They go to a bar on the coast and play during the summer. The very cute Justine Bateman trying to break away from Family Ties (as did her TV show brother with the Back to the Future series), I guess it didn't exactly work out as she anticipated.

EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (1983): Michael Paré is awesome. As a matter of fact I can't think of anything in the early to mid '80s that he did that wasn't awesome. The soundtrack is really good, and the whole story is a bit deeper than the typical, "frustrated" but talented musicians trying to get their big break. Eddie Lives (Eddie and the Cruisers II) did not make our list.

STREETS OF FIRE (1984): Streets of Fire is a cool throwback to the '50s, bad guys, action, car chases, girls and music. It is the touching story about a band whose lead singer is kidnapped, and then rescued.  What a cool song and a great video! Every time I unsuccessfully try and moonwalk, I do it with an outstretched hand, like the surrogate band in this movie. 

So what movies did we miss out on?

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