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These dreams: Heart to play St. Pete's Ribfest on Nov. 10



Heart/Getty Images

Heart is playing St. Pete's Ribfest on Saturday, Nov. 10. (Pant, pant, pant ....) Seriously, this is big to me. Last time I caught the Wilson sisters, opening for Journey in 2009 at Tampa's amphitheatre, they BLEW away the crowd. Even with the cold Nancy was nursing.

I still recall the saddest moment of all. I was at the T-shirt stand after their set, buying my usual Journey shirt PLUS a Heart shirt that never quite fit me right, when the woman next to me turned and asked hopefully: "Do you think they'll let Heart do another set?"

Bless her heart, she was serious. She wanted more Heart. We ALL wanted more Heart. God help me if I could chose between Journey and hearing Crazy On You one more time live, I'd have gone with Crazy. But the days of giving the people want they want is sadly gone.

"No," I said. "One set is all. We'll have to wait 'til next time." 

NEXT TIME IS NOW. Geesh, girls, don't make us wait so long again!

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