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These guys are 'band-wreckers'? Hardly!



A new list about some of our favorite bands just popped up on the Web, but you're probably not going to like where it's going. One retro-music blogger has named his top 5 singers who wrecked the bands they joined.

"Band wreckers are the worst kind of singers," writes Shawn Amos, who pens the Get Back music blog (just profiled on Yahoo.) "They are those dudes who take advantage of an unstable group relationship and insert themselves in the middle. They break into a band and destroy their happy home."

Of course, a few '80s bands made his list. Here's his take on...

VAN HALEN (with Sammy Hagar)
Haggar Shawn's take: "Van Halen are serial cheaters. First they broke up with David Lee Roth for Sammy Hagar. Then they cheated on Sammy for Gary Cherone. THEN they bring back Diamond Dave but boot bassist Michael Anthony."
My take: Bad first pick. I thought Van Halen did fine with Sammy -- they certainly didn't stop cranking out the hits. If anything "wrecked" this band, it was the feud between Dave and Eddie.

INXS (with JD Fortune)
Fortune Shawn's take: "The best they can do is some Vegas wannabe Lizard King named JD Fortune? ...A shameless disrespect to Michael Hutchence's memory."
My take: Agreed. They should have gone after Jimmy Barnes, who was brilliant with them on Good Times from The Lost Boys soundtrack.

QUEEN (with Paul Rodgers)
Rodgers Shawn's take: "The remaining members of Queen think that keeping Paul Rodgers’ name separate from the band name on the marquee will cause people to forget that he's not a band wrecker."
My take: Sorry, but nobody was going to be able to replace the late, great Freddie Mercury (though George Michael sounded great during the Concert for Life tribute). Give the remaining Queen members credit for just trying to carry on.

JOURNEY (with every other singer in the world)
Arnel Shawn's take: "This band has gone through three different lead singers all trying to replace the signature man-chick wail of original vocalist Steve Perry. Each one had been a bigger embarrassment than the last."
My take: Current singer Arnel Pineda isn't a band-wrecker. Unless Perry feels like picking up a microphone again, consider Arnel the band's savior.

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