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They came, we paid, they conquered




The Police reunion tour played Tampa on Wednesday night, and early reviews seem to be that the surly trio didn't disappoint.

Tb_police_450x300 My phone was ringing until early in the morning with calls from giddy friends on their way home from the show. My cousin and her boyfriend were particularly snarky. "You were so wrong!" she insisted, referring to my previous manifesto on why I didn't want to attend. "They were fantastic. Sting was staring at me all night."

I told her that given the stage lighting, his advanced age (and ego), Sting probably couldn't see anything beyond the tips of his boots. I'm still waiting for her to send the photos she promised: They had third-row seats.

Times pop music critic Sean Daly's review was generally full of measured praise. "Although the aging legends have replaced some of the punk-reggae moxie of their younger selves with a jazzy, jammy sound, they can still deliver the goods," he wrote in today's paper. (Click here to read his full review.)

Jazzy sound? I only like my Jazz one way -- on the shelf in a CD that I never listen to. But bravo, Police fans, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Now let's all get back to bashing Madonna!

[Times photos: Daniel Wallace]

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