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Think of Christopher Cross: '80s crooner turns 60

Christopher Cross/AP photo

Will he spend the day sailing? Or just riding like the wind (to be free again)? Christopher Cross, who ruled the FM charts in the early '80s and continues to dazzle long-time fans on tours, turns 60 years old today.

Personally, I hope Cross spends the day putting the finishes touches on his new album, Dr. Faith, which is due out this year. Parts of each tune is already streaming live on his official website. On this day of all days, I'm struck by the lyrics for his song I'm Too Old For This:

Guess I thought this time of life would be different
Thought I could cruise into my golden years
But I just can't seem to put my mind at rest
'Cause I don't believe my eyes, I don't believe my ears.

The willful ignorance across the nation
The screaming yahoos that rage on every station
It makes me crazy
I'm too old for this...

Touchy-feelie Christopher Cross is gone, it seems, and that's pretty intriguing. I'm counting the days until I get a chance to chat with Cross about the new music. He has promised to personally send me a copy of the new album once it's done and then talk with me on the record about his career. (Our off-the-record chat a few months ago was incredible.)

In the meantime, here's a list worthy of a 60th birthday.


  • "We all know it gets hard sometimes. You can give it one more try." (All Right)
  • "I’ve been saving love songs and lullabies. And there’s so much more no-one’s ever heard before." (It Might Be You)
  • "Never was the kind to do as I was told. Gonna ride like the wind before I get old." (Ride Like The Wind)
  • "Time and again it does me no good. Love never feels the way that it should." (Never Be The Same)
  • "There's no holding this heart when it knows what it wants." (Swept Away)

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