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Thomas Dolby tunes back in



Dolby Good news for Thomas Dolby fans: Rumor has it that EMI Records will release a slew of Dolby albums this spring.

According to the blog on Dolby's official website, re-releases of his first two albums are also in the works. AND a brand-new studio album is expected this year.

Also, Dolby's website has a cool Q&A section where he answers fan e-mail. Here's a good one:

Chris: Is it not now easier to create music now here in the next century with the aid of technology, as to say 1982?

Dolby: Well, making music has always been easy, you just grab the nearest instrument and start singing. What's really changed in the last decade or so is how easy it is to record your music, and then to make the music available to millions of people, without depending on a record company to finance and distribute you. I also think being able to work with a full instrumentation is very liberating. I'm not a multi-instrumentalist -- I play keyboards adequately and guitar very badly, but that's about it.

Still sitting on the fence about the brilliance of Thomas Dolby? Go back two years ago and listen to the podcast we did, featuring an interview with Thomas himself while he was touring the United States. You'll come around.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:42pm]


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