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'Thriller' really livens them up



Contestants from the Bravo TV series "Step It Up and Dance" perform at the  Tribeca Film Festival. Click here to see their performance video. [Getty Images]

Another day, another 80s anniversary. This time, we mark the 25th anniversary of the landmark "Thriller" video by Michael Jackson.

MJ fans in New York tried to create "the world's largest zombie disco" this week by staging a mass dance exhibition at the Tribeca Film Festival. Among those in attendance, video director John Landis and Jacko choreographer Vincent Patterson, who tried to coach a few steps for the masses assembled. reports the "disco" never really happened: "But the night was electric nonetheless due to the carnival atmosphere, a big-screen outdoor screening of 'Thriller' and 'The Making Of Michael Jacksonâ??s Thriller 'and just witnessing the awe that classic Michael Jackson still inspires in fans all these decades later."

A few more "Thriller" factoids:

  • In 1999, MTV ranked it as the best video of all time. No surprise. (The real surprise: Madonna's "Vogue" is No. 2?!?)
  • With a budget of $800,000, it was the most expensive music video made at that time. (Jackson would later spend more than that for four future videos.)
  • The 45-minute "Making Of" video was filmed largely so that -- paired with the 15-minute video -- it could be sold in stores.
  • Both the "Thriller" video and Landis' other opus -- "An American Werewolf in London" -- offer the same disclaimer at the end of the credits: "Any similarity to actual events or persons living, dead, (or undead) is purely coincidental."

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