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'Time Bandits' best time-travel movie?!? Stand by for Mind Control!


Time travel movies are sacred to every '80s fan. Mainly because our decade is full of them. And even the very WORST of them are still pretty watchable (umm, even Peggy Sue Got Married?). But imagine the horror when I read that had named Time Bandits the best time travel movie of all time.

The 1981 flick isn't even remotely close to being the best time travel movie of the '80s!

"This is one of the greatest movies of all time, period — let alone the best time-travel movie," the website says. "A young boy escapes from his grindingly awful parents with a group of tiny renegades, who use a map of holes in time to plunder history. But Kevin's loss of innocence isn't just limited to witnessing the consequences of the Bandits' carefree crime spree — he comes face to face with the embodiment of Evil (David Warner again), who shows Kevin a distorted reflection of Kevin's own life. In the end, the light-hearted romp through all of time and space turns out to have a very dark heart, and Kevin's innocence is destroyed in ways you never expect."

Oh, is THAT'S what it was about. Because damned if I can make it through the film in a single seating.

The Stuck in the '80s Facebook page asked our friends today to name the best time travel movies of the '80s, and Back to the Future is the clear frontrunner, with about 70 percent of the vote. Time Bandits does manage to stick around in second place with about 10 percent of the vote. There's still time to vote (because as is the case with a space-time continuum, there is no deadline). Click here to join in.

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